At Amicus Arthritis, we are truly proud of how dedicated our team members are when it comes to providing excellent care to our patients!  They strive to work as a team to ensure that our patients are treated with compassion and respect.

We asked our team members what they like about working at Amicus Arthritis. Their answers reflect the philosophy of Amicus Arthritis: To create a positive and supportive environment that allows our team members to grow professionally, to enjoy what they do, and to work as team to better serve the needs of our patients.

One of the many things I like working at Amicus Arthiritis is how well we work together. If someone needs help, we jump in and help them. Everyone here is friendly and pleasant to work with. The doctors are very patient and compassionate with their patients it shows how much they love what they do.
At Amicus Arthritis, I have noticed how much employees are appreciated for their work, how employees’ opinions are taken into consideration. I have also noticed how caring and dedicated the doctors are to their patients. Everyone at this practice has a very positive attitude which makes it a great environment to work in and this is what I like about working for Amicus Arthritis.
What I like about working at Amicus Arthritis is that we are a good team. Everyone is helpful and very organized. The doctors are great to work with. This is a positive environment.
The support of my co-workers. They are very professional and courteous with patients and the staff.